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"After completing CSEC Mathematics with a Grade 1, all A profile, I can say with confidence that Mr Hunte's website is a great contributing factor to my success. The website provided tools such as helpful instructional videos that showed me the way forward in each topic of CSEC level Mathematics. I particularly struggled with Matrices leading up to the examination. After watching Mr Hunte's videos, I felt empowered to tackle my mathematical fears. His website showed me that with time and a solid effort any possibility can be achieved."


"...The videos are so easy to understand and you can have a real 'in-class' experience in the comfort of your home. Mr. Hunte clearly breaks down everything into easy-to-learn steps. The notes are also a great help, with guidelines from the syllabus, necessary teachings on the subject, examples and then exercises with answers. This website gave me confidence; I had a chance to excel. I grasped the concepts so well and began to love the subject! ADDITIONAL MATH may be challenging, but this website prepares you for the challenge"

SHARYN GITTENS (GRADE 1 with all A profile)

"sirhunte.teachable.com is a very helpful site. Everything that a student needs in mathematics the site provided. Not only could I access the site whenever I wanted but there was always a wide range of notes, exercises and videos on every topic on the syllabus. The site was very helpful in such a way that you could learn at your own pace. The site is a very good guide in becoming successful in mathematics.